Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pregnancy and Fetal Hearing - Teach your children

Pregnancy and Fetal
Modern science has revealed to us that fetuses as young as 20 weeks old can hear (in fact doctors have recorded that some react to ultrasound at 16 weeks onwards). They hear the sounds within the mother’s body as well as external noises. It has also been observed that these fetuses react to sound. They react differently to different types of sound for example they relax on hearing soothing music.

They also start recognizing sounds while still in the womb. They are known to recognize their mother’s voices as well as the voices of other people and even television music that they were regularly exposed to while still in the womb. This shows that fetuses not only have the physical capacity to hear but also the requisite mental capacity to recognize what they have heard.

The Hindu religious texts have mentioned instances where babies in the womb have not just listened to voices while in the womb, but also understood what they heard and remembered it after birth and years later too.

So some points to be noted are
1. It is never too soon to teach our children.

2. We must be very careful and discriminating as to what we expose our children to, even within the womb, not just in terms of chemicals and drugs but also in terms of sounds and knowledge.

So Teach your children well lyrics, good habits, good eating habits, discipline.

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